At Textiles El Delfín, we are committed to protecting the environment. This way of acting has helped us to manufacture increasingly sustainable and ethical terry fabrics.

Recycled and sustainable

We live in times of change in our environment.
Changes that we see little by little, until one day
day everything suddenly changes.

And now what? Now Textilife.


Our Textilife recycled ECOCOTTON products are made from a blend of conventional virgin BCI cotton and 100% pre-consumer recycled cotton, obtained from leftover textile remnants. In this process we have a significant saving compared to conventional 100% pure cotton, as it is produced together with 100% recycled cotton.


Our Textilife recycled ECOPOLYCOTTON products are made from a blend of 100% post-consumer recycled cotton, obtained from textile scraps, and polyester fibres, obtained from the recycling of plastic from PET bottles. For every kg of polyester yarn we recycle 23 0.5L plastic bottles. In this process we have a total saving with respect to pure 100% conventional virgin BCI cotton, as the cotton is recycled in its entirety, without any mixture with virgin cotton. It is blended in small proportion with recycled polyester fibres throughout the product.

What will you save?

Water consumption

With conventional 100% cotton yarn, 20,000 litres of water are consumed per kg. With Textilife ECOCOCOTTON we save 70%, the consumption is 6,000 litres. With Textilife ECOPOLYCOTTON no water is consumed, 0%.

CO2 emissions

With 100% conventional cotton yarn, almost 4 kg of CO2 are produced. With Textilife ECOCOTTON we save 50%, achieving the goal of reducing the carbon footprint to almost zero. With Textilife ECOPOLYCOTTON there are no CO2 emissions.


With conventional 100% cotton yarn, 650 grams of chemicals per kg are used.

With Textilife ECOCOTTON we save 70%. With Textilife ECOPOLYCOTTON no chemicals or pesticides are used. There is no dyeing process to produce the colours, as they are obtained by blending the already recycled coloured fibres.

Energy consumption

With conventional 100% cotton yarn, 20 Kw/h per kg are consumed.

With Textilife ECOCOTTON and ECOPOLYCOTTON we save 50% by installing photovoltaic panels in the production plants.

The Textilife label, in accordance with the environmental quality standard, guarantees, under the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification, the worldwide recycling procedure, following the parameters of the circular economy.

1. Adaptation of recycled textiles for raw materials.
2. Manufacture of yarns.
3. Fabrication of fabrics.
4. Sales.
5. Textile-post-consumer collection.
6. Selection of waste.
7. Textile recycling plant.

At Textiles El Delfín, we are committed to our planet.

TEXTILES EL DELFÍN is aware of the natural environment, especially with the seabed; because of that, we collaborate with the project SEAQUAL INITIATIVE and we make products under this license.

SEAQUAL INITIATIVE has programmes to clean the oceans around the world. They transform the marine litter into recycled ocean plastic. This is a new raw material that can aware people of marine pollution and also the material is a way to be grateful for all the people that helps. If you choose products with recycled ocean plastic, you’re helping to clean our oceans.



The sea is my home, let’s clean the ocean.

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