TEXTILES EL DELFÍN has developed a procedure to protect the environment in all the production processes.


That is why, our company has an environmental management system, based on the following commitments:

  • Obey the environmental legislation and other commitments of voluntary support.
  • Protect the environment and prevent pollution, making a good use of resources and controlling the residues and the emissions in our atmosphere that we could produce.
  • Use the best available technologies to produce and develop the products and get the least environmental impact with the machines.
  • Continue developing and introducing all the processes that improve the environmental behaviour.
  • Train the workers, make them aware of the problem and apply and keep developing good environmental practices.
  • Health evaluation programme to prevent the effects that could cause our products. If we follow the workplace risk prevention, we must report the risks that the machines or facilities could cause to our health or the environment, as well as the protective measures that must be followed.
  • Ask our clients for collaboration to improve the environment procedures for our company.
  • Establish a continuous communication with the staff in order to promote the environmental management in all the sections.


All the actions and commitments detailed above are the main aims to carry out our plan.

This is the Environmental Policy Commitment, carried out by TEXTILES EL DELFÍN S.L.