TEXTILES EL DELFIN manufactures textile Contract for hotels, tissues of curl for the bathroom, room, pool & spa and other textiles for clothing, bed and table. Materials of first quality raw meet their needs with a wide range in sizes, grades, weights and finishes.


We manufacture.


EL DELFÍN. A charm in the bathroom. We manufacture the most extensive collection in tissues of curl to hotels in the market.

Learn more about our textile collections of towels and bathmats for your hotel. Making special double stitching of security on all sides of the garment. We are at your disposal to manufacture any other quality or measure to the letter.

Luxury: 600-700 gr/m2.

100% pure cotton fibre curl conventional PK double extra out 1.

100% pure cotton fibre curl American

With fantastic finishes. Shores fantasy, Valances, velvet,…

City: 400-450-480-520 gr/m2.

Pure cotton 100% Terry double extra out PK adaptable to any need.

Urban: 400-450-480-520 gr/m2.

100% pure cotton single-yarn softdel.

Cosmos: 450-500 gr/m2. 90% cotton 10% polyester. Yarn Ecolife, manufactured according to the ecological parameters of circular economy. Durability and high resistance to washing shrink.

Millenial: 450-500 gr/m2. Terry double extra PK 100% pure cotton base reinforced cotton petroplast. Durability and high resistance to washing shrink.

Family: 400-450-500 gr/m2. Curl reinforced recycled cotton double petroplast.


TEXTILES TO SHARE. View your table with wide range of textures, designs, qualities and actions. Cotton, linen, polyester,…


DREAM TEXTILES. Wide range of fabrics for dressing your bed, sheets, bedspreads, duvet covers, quadrants and a wide range of Plaids to coordinate and fulfill his dream.


TEXTILES FOR RELAXATION. In the bathroom, pool & Spa, Textiles of curl of high quality with cotton fibers that caresses your skin. Wide range of colors and weights in double curl out extra PK and American curl with washing fastness guarantee.